We offer saw sharpening and restoration. Only hand tools are used for sharpening. Saws will be sharpened with utmost care to cut great for the task at hand. Like hand cut rasps the small variations in tooth spacing of hand cut teeth give the saw a very smooth cut. Please contact us for a quote.

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Depending of the current state and needs of the saw a specific quote will be given upon request.


This includes jointing the toothline, sharpening and setting  the teeth. Sharpening to rip, crosscut or hybrid patterns.

  • Small backsaw up to 10 inch –  £15
  • Medium backsaw 10-14 inch –  £20
  • Large backsaw 16 -20 inch  –  25£
  • Miterbox saw up to 22 and up –  30£
  • Panel saw up to 22 inch – £20
  • Panel or Hand saw 24 -26 inch –  £25
  • Rip saw 28 inch – £30

Reshaping teeth

Often teeth are out of shape and need considerable jointing to be restored to equal size and rake before the saw can be sharpened again. Price range between £10-30. Please contact us for a quote.

Cutting new teeth

At times the existing teeth and toothline are so much out of shape that its better to start over by cutting new teeth. This is done by fly press or by hand. Prices range between £15-30.  Please contact us for a quote.

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Saw restoration

Based on pictures of the saw you would like restored a quote can be given.

Commonly found old and beautiful saws have rust, are bent or kinked, or have broken horns on the handle. Most of this can be restored very well and truly transformed. Some like saws to remain with most signs of their age, and some like saws to look as clean as it can get.

Spear & Jackson Sovereign 10″ Backsaw

However, the blade needs to have retained it’s temper, so not be too soft to keep an edge or too hard to set without breaking teeth. The blade can be too much eroded by rust. Handles can be cupped and thus cup the blade it holds. Split nuts can be difficult to reuse sometimes and other times half are missing. When a saw is in thus state it can be necessary to replace a saw blade, a handle or the nuts to complete a restore.

Expect prices for straightening a blade between £10-25.

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The smaller panel saw option

From many high quality hand saws or large panel saws that have been almost used up by lots of sharpening, a great smaller saw can be made with a re-purposed or new handle. This will give a well used saw a whole new life and can it be used for another 100 years or more.

16″ Disston No 7 handsize Xtra Small