*Sold* 20″ 10 PPI Split nut W.A.Tyzack size M


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This W.A. Tyzack 20″ panel saw is refitted with a replacement S&J London Spring taper ground 88 plate. The original plate was stamped “W.A. Tyzack Cast steel” but was unfortunately too kinked to be made usable.

I bought this saw not knowing the brand thinking it looked like a highly desirable R. Groves panel saw. W.A. Tyzack did not make his own saws and so this saw was factored by another actual saw making firm. Considering the likeness it may be possible this saw was made by R. Groves. The handle certainly is very similar in it’s lines and quality.

The size M handle is made for a hand measuring between 3 1/2″ and 3 3/4″ across the palm. Click here on how to measure your hand. The handle has been wiped clean and waxed. The nuts have been cleaned and refitted in the exact same position as they were with the original plate.

The 10 points per inch teeth will be filed to suit your needs.


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