*SOLD* 1896-1917 Henry Disston D8 26″ 8 PPI


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This is a Disston & Sons D8 saw from the era 1896-1917. The plate is really well cared for considering it’s at least a 102 years old. The D8 most sold saw in the world with an apple handle and fine spring steel. This one has served it’s 100 year life in Colorado and has only recently come to the UK.

The plate is straight, well tensioned and taper ground. It is .032 inch (0.8 mm) thick at the toothline. The plate is tapered to .027 inch (0.68 mm) at the back. A previous owner has chamfered the heel a bit and is therefore a little bit less than 26″.In use you wouldn’t notice this much. It hasn’t been sharpened a lot during it’s life, the blade is almost full width and has a long life ahead.

The handle is of  Apple and in very good shape except for a few rough spots around the bolts. A previous owner has taken the nuts off, probably to clean the saw. Its a very common thing, the edges of the hole had shrunk around the nuts, lifting a few pieces when pushing the bolts out.

The handles on 26″ D8’s are usually large and thus one is made for a hand measuring between 3 3/4″ and 4″ across the palm. See the illustration on how to measure your hand.

The teeth will be shaped and filed to your preferred pattern. The teeth are 8 point per inch and can be filed rip, crosscut or hybrid, and set for hardwoods or soft resinous woods. Not sure what you like? Upon request you can come and try some different saws in my workshop.

This saw will be perfect for timber framing and general carpentry. Usually it will be filed crosscut for dimensioning lots of timber to length. It would also serve well filed rip for dry hardwoods which cuts well with 8 ppi.


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