*sold* 16″ extra fine 12 PPI Split nut Sanderson bros & Newbould size S


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A full plate 16″ panel saw by Sanderson bros & Newbould of Sheffield, most likely made around 1900. The handle has been reshaped to more refined lines, especially the lambs tongue.

The steel is good “Refined Cast Steel” according to the fading etch. A picture of the same etch can be found in the book “British Saws and Saw Makers from c1660″ by Simon Barley. The etch says: Sanderson Bros & Newbould LD. Attercliffe Steel Works Sheffield. Machine Ground & Polished, Refined Cast Steel Warranted. pictured also 3 crowns above the text.

The plate has a nice patina, stains and some shallow pitting which does not take away from its functionality. The teeth are  filed rip with 0 degrees rake like Paul Sellers files his saws, which works well for both rip and cross cuts, especially with fine 12 point per inch teeth.

The size S handle is made for a hand measuring between 3 1/4″ and 3 1/2” across the palm. Click here on how to measure your hand. The handle has been stripped of what was left of the finish, cleaned and refinished with 3 layers of shellac and then waxed.


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