Info and Articles

Jakob’s Saws : On this page are some of the saws that Jakob has restored or made over the years.

Sharpening your saw : On this page there is an overview of the steps and what helps me maintain a good cutting saw.

Sharpening – Making it Easier : A few things help to get better results, mainly by making it easier visually.

Regular Maintenance – Advanced Sharpening: Jointing and Setting. After a few of the simple sharpenings the teeth will probably have different heights, the toothline may have lost it’s straightness and the amount of set will have decreased so the saw may have started to bind in the cut.

Make a Sharpening Vise: There are good saw vise designs which are fun to make from wood.

Saw sharpening links : There are a lot of good and elaborate resources about saw sharpening on websites and in books. Here you can find some useful links.