Extra Small Panel saw


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About this saw

*Henry Disston D8 Tapered Blade
*16″ 10PPI  Rip
*Handmade new No. 76 style handle, size Extra Small
*Freshly Hand sharpened and set
*Hammer Straightened and tensioned
*Cleaned original brass fasteners

Made with Henry Disston D8 blade from the 1896-1917 era made with good spring steel. The original saw was a 22 inch panel saw which was well used and belonged to a woodworker called W. Ashton. It was sharpened so many times that the toe of the saw was too small so it has been given a new life as a 16 inch panel saw with a new proportionate handle. There is a faint etch left on the blade and there are some small scratches, stains and very minor pitting. The blade had a small kink. It has been hammer straightened and tensioned, cleaned and waxed.

New Handle
The new beech handle is shaped like the Disston 76 centennial saw that came out in 1876. It is made with only hand tools save a powered drillpress. The finish is 3 layers of shellac and then waxed. It has two small dings to scare off the perfectionists.
Handle Size
The handle size is made for a hand measuring between 3 1/8″ and 3 3/8″ across the palm. See the illustration on how to measure your hand.
The Teeth
The teeth have been shaped and filed rip with 8 degrees rake and no fleam. On the first teeth the rake has been relaxed a bit to start a cut more smoothly. It cuts and tracks well and is set to work with softwoods. The plate is .032 inch (0.8 mm) thick at the toothline and the set is about .004 inch per side. The plate is well tapered and is .024 inch (0.6 mm) at the back.
Using this saw
With the skewed back and tapered blade this saw is very light and nimble in use. A great companion for for many jobs at the bench and a joy to put to work.

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