Welcome to Jakob’s Saw Revival

Are you a woodworker looking for a saw that works with you? A saw that has a soul and character? A tool that fits you and your work? It is our great joy to offer them to you from our little family workshop in Gloucester UK.

We make saws made to measure
together with a saw sharpening service


We can also restore, repair and straighten your saws.

apple wood saw handle

In our current day and age, the manufacturing of tools is often subordinate to making a quick profit. The more manufacturing is automated, the more a tool becomes soulless and uniform. 

half restored saw

The skills that were needed in arts and crafts before the rise of automated manufacturing were gradually lost. It is our aim to re-learn and preserve these skills in creating, restoring and maintaining the saws you need for creative woodworking. Please like our Facebook page to keep in touch with us and see when we post new saws for sale on eBay.


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